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B2L is Canada's premiere youth leadership conference for young women who are emerging leaders and entrepreneurs between the ages of 16-26. The conference's goals are to provide future leaders with tangible, actionable workshops that will contribute to their leadership and personal development, influence their career path and advancement, and to model and include them in a professional leadership conference. Youth delegates will be integrating with the Women in Leadership and Business Conference for the opening keynote address on Monday, March 27, 2017, and several refreshment breaks; providing them with a chance to network with professional women from many of Canada's leading companies and organizations. Over 200 young women from local high schools, colleges and universities, and young professionals will be in attendance.

WILB is a national, three-day interactive learning and development conference passionate about cultivating leaders of all ages, inspiring them to lead with integrity, and helping them connect in magical ways. The conference design balances public forums with private meeting areas for deeper discussion and connections. Expert speakers, authors, coaches and mentors provide a combination of practical tools, knowledge, and strategies sure to benefit everyone.  

Now in it’s ninth year, each WILB conference attracts approximately 250+ leaders and entrepreneurs looking to advance their career, grow their business and build meaningful relationships. A defining feature of this conference is the Born 2 Lead Youth Leadership Conference (B2L), providing a forum for leaders of all ages to share and grow together.


About WILB

What is B2L

Tammy Sweeney, CEO WILB

The 9th Annual Women in Leadership and Business Conference on March 26-28, 2017, is a national, 2.5-day interactive learning and professional development event being held at White Oaks Resort & Spa in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario for leaders and entrepreneurs.  The platform of the conference is: Grow your Business and Advance your Career.  The event is designed to engage delegates with speakers and other delegates, includes a total of 12 workshops and keynotes and allows for participation in discussion groups and networking with authors and accomplished business people from around Canada and the US. 

The 250+ delegates that this conference attracts consists of  79% senior corporate executives and 21% established entrepreneurs from across Canada. This high calibre group of delegates hold positions ranging from CEO to Vice Presidents, Directors, Owners and Partners from industries including finance, education, health care, media, marketing, communications, technology, consumer goods and services, government and manufacturing.

Our 6th annual B2L conference is an opportunity for WILB delegates to inspire and influence tomorrow’s leaders.