Keynote: Michele Romanow, Dragon, CBC Dragons’ Den | Co-Founder, Snap By Groupon

Michele RomanowIn this insightful and useful talk, Michele recounts her journey from a Queen’s University undergrad to becoming ranked in WXN’s “100 Most Powerful in Canada” and listed as a Forbes’ “Millennial on a Mission”, sharing along the way the lessons she’s learned as one of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs, including the necessity of embracing change, encouraging disruption, and incentivizing innovation at every stage of the game.

Afternoon Keynote: Eric Termuende, Co-Founder, NoW Innovations

Eric TermuendeToday there are up to five generations in the workplace. With increased technological integration combined with different levels of technological competency, how can we get the most out of our people? How can we increase collaboration and engagement in the workplace? In this presentation, Eric discusses communication and collaboration in the workplace. He talks about the shifting nature of work and the environment needed for an integrated workplace.

The session starts with a high energy presentation to set the context, and then quickly shifts gears so that YOU take over exploring PERSPECTIVES. In this interactive session, WILB leaders and our future B2L leaders work together to explore the world of work, myths and misconceptions, opportunities, and connections by getting REAL. Eric, a leading expert on multi-generational workplaces, will challenge you to look at leadership, success and culture differently by having GREAT conversation. Be prepared to be amazed by the insights.

You will leave with:

  • Insights about how the future of work will shape your path forward
  • A deeper understanding of how multi-generation leaders view the world of work and working together
  • New connections and perspectives that will change the way you work and lead
  • A high level of energy and several “a-ha” moments that challenge how you apply your leader strengths

Becoming a Leader of Influence, Senani Ratnayake, Consultant/Speaker/Advocate/Coach, Motivatum Consulting

SenaniClosing Keynote: Combined Session: 4:20pm

In this interactive keynote, Senani has you reflect on the key takeaways from the conference and take them to the next level, so that you have the tools to be a leader of influence in your organization, your school, your family and your community. You will identify key actions that you will take and strategies to stay on track. This will be a great way to end the conference!


Personal Leadership: Building From Strength

Christiane Rutledge

Christiane Rutledge
Learning Consultant, Meridian

Caitlin Armstrong

Caitlin Armstrong
HR Business Partner, Meridian

Combined Session: 11:05am

Leadership is not a position but instead a personal mission that can and should take place at all levels within an organization. It is “creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen”. We will focus on leadership by first looking inward through self-awareness in terms of your own strengths and preferences. You will uncover how to maximize your leadership value from working with your strengths. During this interactive presentation you will be introduced to a wide variety of concepts and techniques related to effectively applying Emotional Intelligence. We will establish a new vision for the way you provide leadership, a vision that draws from your strengths and preferences to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness. 

Leadership is not reserved for an elite few. It is something that we all have within us. You don’t learn to be something you already are – you learn to access the talent you already have!

You Are What You Think: Unlocking Emotional Resilience “Keys to Success” to Survive Vulnerability in Leadership, Cheryl Bradshaw, University of Guelph

CherylHigh School Stream: 11:45am

This workshop will help you to take steps towards understanding yourself and your relationship with yourself. Then, help you to use these skills to tap into your internal resilience to get through rejection, disappointment, judgement, and setbacks in life and in leadership for the ultimate chance at success. 

Participants will learn:

  • What is your relationship like with yourself, and how this can be the key to your success
  • What is vulnerability in leadership and why is it so hard
  • How to handle rejection and judgement through evidence-based skills and strategies

Changing Minds, Changing Lives, Tracy Schmitt, International Keynote Speaker

Tracy SchmittHigh School Stream: 3:00pm
Uber Unstoppable Tracy inspires an Unstoppable you!  Tracy is an international Keynote Speaker and Advisor of the best and largest Parapan Am Games ever held according to the International Paralympic Committee! Her message will inspire you to think beyond today’s possibilities, aim higher than imaginable, take bold action, and WIN.  This workshop is about boosting self - confidence, creativity and innovation in the workplace, and changing attitudes – Tracy will help you figure it out through her experiences as a past aspiring Paralympian, Humanitarian and providing the "Power Play of Inclusion."


Preparing For Your Leadership Future

Cher Jones

Cher Jones (moderator)
Social Media Trainer, Socially Active

Eric Termuende

Eric Termuende
Founder, NoW Innovation


Helen Restivo
Program Manager, Canadian Tire

Mary B ean

Mary Bean
Director, Employee & Volunteer Engagement, United Way

Stephanie Thompson

Stephanie Thompson
General Motors

Combined Session: 3:35pm

With the world changing as fast as it is - industries rising, evolving and crashing; leaps in technology at a rate we have never seen before, globalization interconnecting us all; and a whole new generation emerging and entering the workforce - how do we best prepare for the world of work from here forward? We are looking at a paradigm shift in how we think about our emerging world of work and the skills needed to be wildly successful.

This panel will share strategies and stories about their career paths, their choices, and their best advice for what will ensure this emerging generation is primed for success in the life they want to live.  We focus not just on “what” we do, but how we do it.

You will leave with:

  • Insights and strategies to navigate your future career path in a way that is aligned with your values, your strengths, and your skills.
  • An understanding of what it means to add value to a company, an organization and a community
  • An increased awareness of the skills and traits that will leverage your success


Planning Your Career Path, Meghan Pedros Manager, Campus Talent Development Programs, TD Bank

Meghan PedrosPost-Secondary Stream: 2:35pm

Gone are the days of studying one course of programming in post-secondary and then working in that field for the rest of your life. So how do you even begin to plan your career path to leverage your skills and strengths when you are not sure where you will end up? There are some fundamental, transferable skills that are worth developing regardless of your chosen path. And there are perspectives and a mindset that will help you to navigate the changing waters with greater ease and success. Let’s explore them together. 


Developing Your Personal Brand

Erik Reed

Erik Reed
Campus Recruitment Professional, KPMG

Angela Tao

Angela Tao
Talent Attraction Specialist, KPMG

Post-Secondary Stream: 11:45am

Are you wondering how to take the next steps in your career as you transition from being a student to a professional? Learn tips and tricks that will help you catch an employer’s attention, and grow your network. At the end of this session, you will understand how you are perceived by others, and how to become a networking champion!

Note: Program Subject to Change

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